The structural integrity of each product created is a constant source of pride for all Jaymar family members. We seek and use the best raw materials, including components which exceed the “standards of industry”.

The finishing touches of each upholstered item that we create testifies to the quality and attention that we carry to the details in each Jaymar product. In fact, the care that we take in the stitching of leathers and fabrics and the soft and comfortable padding that we use to each improve the visual aspect of the finished product.


Any application of third-party products invalidate Jaymar's Warranty.  




Leather is a natural product that requires maintenance. However, the only maintenance recommended by our suppliers (tanneries) is cleaning with a slightly damp cloth. Tests show that any use of cleaning products or creams could cause damage to the cover of your furniture. To take advantage of our leather warranty, it is therefore important not to use cleansers or creams. Jaymar offers a 5-year warranty on all its leathers.


The extended warranty offered by retailers is an addition to the Jaymar warranty. This warranty, which your retailer has offered you, allows you to protect your furniture over a longer period; and protects you from several unforeseen events that would not be covered by the Jaymar warranty. This is therefore a complementary warranty.  
In the event of a complaint, you must always contact your retailer.




Leather requires proper care and maintenance to ensure beauty and long life. Failure to clean leather could result in premature aging. Clean the leather regularly, using a slightly moistened cloth to remove grease, dust and dirt. Avoid direct exposure to sunlight. Never place near radiators or fan heaters, keep a minimum distance of 50 cm (20 inches). Avoid drying. Normal household humidity level is best for leather (40 %).

For more information, refer to our warranty guide below.



Fabric manufacturers recommend regular dusting and vacuuming. Removable cushions should be fluffed regularly. Soiled areas should be cleaned based on the following cleaning code(s) found on your Jaymar product. If cleaning codes are not available, contact your retailer from where you purchased the product.

For more information, refer to our warranty guide below.



Please take note that any application of third-party products invalidate Jaymar's Warranty.

Labour warranty

    • Jaymar offers a one (1) year warranty on labor and workmanship applying to all upholstered furniture (sofas, loveseats, chairs, ottomans, sectionals, sofa-beds and upholstered beds) manufactured by Jaymar. Jaymar products are warranted to the original retail consumer, to be free from manufacturing and parts defects. The warranty takes effect from the date of delivery to the original retail consumer.

Parts and Materials warranty

  • Lifetime warranty limited on Frames Pocket Coils, Springs and Webbing;
  • Lifetime warranty limited on Recliner Motion Mechanisms;
  • 5 year warranty on leather;
  • 3 year warranty on recliner motor;
  • 2 year warranty on fabric;
  • 1 year warranty on Electronic Components;
  • 2 year warranty on Sofa-bed Mechanisms and Sofa-bed Mattresses.

Download the Jaymar Warranty

If you detect a problem with your Jaymar product, please communicate directly with your retailer. They will be happy to help you and they will contact us will all the necessary information in order to settle the problem as quickly as possible. Then, if Jaymar has to make a repair, we will contact you to make an appointment with you. For all other questions related to the after sales service, please contact us at 450-471-4172 ext. 2633 or at service@jaymar.ca.