• TOTAL D-BOX EXPERIENCE IN YOUR HOME!  D-BOX’s Haptic technology creates realistic, immersive experiences by providing feedback to your entire body. Using different intensities of movement, vibrations and textures, the D-BOX haptic experience will enhance your at-home content-viewing experience.
  • BRING ENTERTAINEMENT TO LIFE! Choose from more than 2000 encoded compatible movies, series and more!
  • HAPTISYNC HUB: The HaptiSync Hub’s integrated sound sensor synchronizes the haptic system of your D-BOX seat with your screen content.
    Sleek stand alone case unit.
    A single HaptiSync hub syncs all the seats located in the same room, up to 20 seats.
  • HAPTISYNC SUBSCRIPTION REQUIRED. Sync your movies, series and more for only $89 U.S.D. a year* Details at D-BOX.COM.