Arya 526 Power Recliner Chair, Swivel Glider with Removable Cushions

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The new Arya Power recliner chair, swivel glider with removable cushions offers baby's rooms a sleek, relaxed, and comfortable style with plush cushions, which allow you to sink into the chair to find the ideal relaxing position.

The electric version offers smooth motorized recliner, with a control panel in the armrest that features buttons that control the recline mechanism, as well as a USB and USB-C port so you can have electronic devices within reach.

The recliner swivels with a smooth gliding motion, so you won't disturb your little one's sleep while you get comfortable.


  • Compact size - perfect for limited space.
  • Long, gentle rocking movement stimulating deep relaxation.
  • Carefully cut, assembled and filled by hand by our expert craftsmen in our factory in Terrebonne, Quebec.
  • Solid wooden structure, built with the traditional mortise and tenon assembly method.
  • Swivel base in solid wood. Electric version swivel 270°.
  • Anti-sag spring coated with Teflon, ensuring quiet operation without squeaking.
  • The back cushion is made from the best possible materials and equipped with a zip to prevent it from sliding everywhere.
  • Our cushions are filled with a quality polyester fiber that is lightweight and soft, non-absorbent and mildew resistant.
  • The seat cushion is padded with high density foam.
  • Grade A and B fabric covering, with “railroad” stiching seams and flange edges.
  • Smooth and quiet motorized reclining mechanism; raising the footrest and lowering the backrest.
  • Motorized option offers a push-button panel to control opening and closing, as well as a USB and USB-C charging port.
  • Capacity to accommodate a weight of up to 350 lbs.
  • Armrest lowered to allow breastfeeding/feeding of the baby.
  • The backrest in the fully lowered position offers an optimal inclination of up to 130°, perfect for long sleeps and for baby feeding, thus reducing regurgitation and/or colic.
  • Side pocket on the left, for accessories, baby bottles, wipes, etc...
  • All parts of the chair as well as its packaging meet the highest Canadian and American standards (CPSIA, VOC, PFOS, PFOA, formaldehyde, heavy metals or phthalates and flammability).

     Dimensions Arya electric


    • Width 29,755’’ / 75.57 cm
    • Depth 34,75’’ / 88.90 cm
    • Height 42,5’’ / 107.95 cm
    • Seat depth 19,5’’ / 48.26 cm
    • Seat width 20,5’’ / 50.80 cm
    • Backrest height 30,25’’ / 76.84 cm


    • Box 32.88’’ W x 31.88’’ D x 25.12’’ H
    • Volume 15,24 cu ft / 0,42 m³
    • Weight - electric 115.2 lb / 52.2 kg

       Features Arya electric



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